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Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D Directed by: Jeff Tremaine Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Spike Jonze, Matt Hoffman, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Bam Margera Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins Rating: R Release Date: October 15, 2010

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PLOT: A collection of outrageous stunts as performed by the crew from the former MTV show "Jackass."

WHO'S IT FOR? Even if you're familiar with the Jackass ethos, the chances are still very high that at least a couple of scenes will gross you out, or even prove to be unbearable.

EXPECTATIONS: It's been almost five years since the fittingly titled Jackass: Number Two. I was prepared for more gross-outs and shocks, but mostly more laughs. I had hoped that the time away would be evident to more clever, immediately funny stunt segments.


TALKING: Contrary to their macho, I-will-do-anything mentality, these guys are not robots. Some of the best laughs in the movie come from their freakouts even pre-stunt. In so many words, many of them love to explore the deep question that is within themselves, but buried by their own courage/stupidity - "Why the f**k am I doing this?" Score: 5

SIGHTS: Since the shenanigans of Jackass is such an intimate visual experience, here’s a movie where the usage of 3D is actually merited. Not only does the usage of 3D give the general picture a more crisp digital look, it also involves the audience in all of the (bodily) fluids etc. that are being thrown around the movie. On top of that, slow motion is used near-magnificently to accentuate every bone break and testicle smash of a certain segment, which only heightens the extremity of Jackass, but also it's strange visual worth. Score: 8

SOUNDS: Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's does a fun cover of the country song, "If You're Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough," which even by looking the title sounds like a perfect fit for a Jackass soundtrack. Pop-rock quartet Weezer are featured in the end credits, with footage of the Jackass crew adding back-up vocals to their song "Memories." In the beginning of the film, Jackass anthem "Corona" is given a sophisticated operatic send-up. Score: 7


BEST SCENE: The biggest laugh is probably from the Mickey Rourke-less "Ram Jam" sequence. Why? Because rams are like automated head-butting robots. And they're funny.

ENDING: A long credit sequence, but it has some of the best laughs. Plus, it features pictures of the Jackass crew when they were younger, which is both funny and strange at the same time.

QUESTIONS: How much of their visible invincibility is trounced by internal damage? How much time does each "performer" take between each take? Are the "performers" paid according to screen time, or the extremity of the stunt? Is the word "ass" finally acceptable now among the general public, or are people still upset by the title? Isn't showing footage of young Bam Margera and the Steve-O etc. doing dumb, dumb things against Jackass' methodology of encouraging viewers to not "try such things at home"? And finally - will it take another near five years for a Jackass movie?

REWATCHABILITY: The comedy of "Jackass" thrives mostly on its surprising elements. Now that it's been experienced, I imagine Jackass 3D could only be as much fun again a while down the road, and probably the company of friends who have never seen it. And a couple of beers, certainly.


For a series based around painful shenanigans that often rely on bodily fluids to provide the bang for its buck, Jackass 3D delivers. And now that the R-rating no longer prohibits full on imagery of feces, penises, or even urination, they are having a field day.

The charm of the Jackass gags are in their construction, and also their creativity. Jackass has taken physical idiocy beyond dumb stunts, and made them into full events. If the bits last longer than ten seconds, they usually have an elaborate nature to them, whether it be costuming, sets, or just the set-up. Kids – don’t try this at home. Because you could never make it look this great.

Jackass will never die. Its participants may experience the pain we can only imagine, and possibly experience the paralysis they’ve been flirting with for years, but it seems like the franchise will never succumb to permanent defeat. The series found its true calling when it moved to the form of feature film, which gave more free reign to its trademark debauchery, and an even bigger budget for its creative stunts. (Yes, I said “creative.” It does take a mind of some sort of specialness to engineer some of this stuff.) Now, Jackass has taken advantage of a new way to enhance its special visual experience: 3D. Just be glad it isn’t in Smell-O-Vision.


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