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April Movie Review Recap - 'Kick-Ass,' 'Date Night' and more

April ... you could have been better. May, I'm counting on you (and Iron Man 2) to pick up the slack. The month ended with a whimper, but not the kind you would expect from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Three films stood out for me beyond the others ... Kick-Ass, The Joneses and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The last two haven't gotten enough love, and actually that could be true for all three. Kick-Ass might not make enough cash to create the sequel. Actor of the month: Michael Nyqvist. I was on his journey for longer than anyone else's. Plus, I always like a newcomer who stands out.

Actress of the month: Demi Moore. She just beats out Tina Fey. Mainly because I missed Moore. I get a nice serving of Liz Lemon once a week.

Biggest surprise: The opening weekend wasn't good for Furry Vengeance. I think I'm even more proud of American audiences than I am surprised.

Here are all the films we reviewed in April (listed in reverse chronological order)

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