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March Movie Review Recap - 'Alice,' SXSW and 'Your Dragon'

March was a little bigger this year because of SXSW. While Tim Burton and Johnny Depp dominated the box office with Alice in Wonderland, it was How to Train Your Dragon that impressed me the most. While I attended SXSW this year and saw an extra 16 films, it did mean that the rest of the staff saw films I didn't. I actually skipped two weeks of releases and it doesn't seem like I missed much. I missed seeing Repo Men, Green Zone, She's Out of My League, Remember Me and The Bounty Hunter. Our TSR staff caught those and you can read the reviews below, but so far, I'm not dying to pay for any of those. Waiting for Blu-ray is fine with me.

Flicks on 6 – ‘Hot Tub,’ ‘Train Your Dragon’ and new DVDs