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Fame - Complete Soundtrack Track Listing

It's here. You shall remember it's name. It's name is Fame. The big question is, what will be the hit from the soundtrack? You can listen to the whole album at Music.aol.com on their main page for the whole week. Enjoy.

Here is the news release and below is the complete soundtrack listing.

Lakeshore Entertainment, Lakeshore Records and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer are proud to present the soundtrack from the 21st century reinvention of the 1980 Oscar®-winning movie classic, FAME. Set for release on August 25 via Lakeshore Records FAME was produced by Grammy-nominated soundtrack album producers Brian McNelis and Skip Williamson with Eric Craig. The record teams world-renowned songwriters and producers with the stars of the movie on fresh recordings of the classic tracks along with exciting new songs from the film, due in theatres September 25.

Set in the intensely competitive atmosphere of New York City's prestigious School of Performing Arts, FAME captures the excitement and energy of young performers. The film introduces an entirely new set of characters, played by actor/performers Naturi Naughton (Denise), Collins Pennie (Malik), Asher Book (Marco) and Kay Panabaker (Jenny).

Writing and producing the music for this dynamic reinvention is an incredible list of top-tier producers. The Matrix (Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Britney Spears) produced pop ballads "Out Here On My Own" and "Try" as well the grand finale "Hold Your Dream," the graduation song written by Mathew James Murphy. James Poyser (The Roots, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill) wrote and produced two original songs--"Can't Hide From Love" and "Get On The Floor"--for Denise (Naturi Naughton) and Malik (Collins Pennie). Damon Elliott (P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce) wrote “This Is My Life,” the new original song for the cafeteria jam scene.

Composer/songwriter/producer Raney Shockne (“Tori & Dean: In Love,” “The Real World”) produced the remake of the FAME theme song and the remainder of the cast recordings for the film including Megan Mullally’s "You Took Advantage of Me" as well as all the audition scene songs including Marco's (Asher Book) version of the Grammy-winning song "Ordinary People" by John Legend (credit leary). He also produced the duet of "Someone To Watch Over Me," sung by Jenny & Marco (Kay Panabaker and Asher Book).

Other stand-out tracks include “Get on the Floor” and “Hold Your Dream,” which were written for the film and appear alongside songs such as Sam Sparro’s recent hit “Black & Gold” and Santigold’s “You’ll Find A Way” as part of the album’s track listing. The resulting collection embodies the film’s contemporary look and sound.

FAME is directed by Kevin Tancharoen. The script was written by Allison Burnett and is based on the motion picture screenplay "FAME" by Christopher Gore. FAME is by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Richard Wright; Mark Canton is also attached as a producer.

The complete track listing for the FAME motion picture soundtrack is as follows:

1.) Welcome To P.A. – Raney Shockne * Written & Produced by Raney Shockne 2.) Fame - Naturi Naughton ^ Produced by Raney Shockne 3.) Big Things –Anjulie * Produced by Damon Elliott 4.) Ordinary People – Asher Book ^ Produced by Raney Shockne 5.) This Is My Life – Hopsin, Ak’Sent, Tynisha Keli & Donte “Burger” Winston * Written and Produced by Damon Elliott 6.) Out Here On My Own - Naturi Naughton ^ Produced by The Matrix 7.) Street Hustlin’ -Raney Shockne featuring Stella Moon * Written & Produced by Raney Shockne 8.) You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) -Santigold 9.) Can’t Hide From Love - Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie * Written and Produced by James Poyser 10.) Black & Gold – Sam Sparro 11.) Back To Back – Collins Pennie featuring Ashleigh Haney * Written & Produced by Damon Elliott 12.) I Put A Spell On You - Raney Shockne featuring Eddie Wakes ^ Produced by Raney Shockne 13.) Get On The Floor - Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie * Written and Produced by James Poyser 14.) Try – Asher Book * Written by Alon Leviton, Produced by The Matrix 15.) You Took Advantage Of Me -Megan Mullally ^ Produced by Raney Shockne 16.) Too Many Women (Damon Elliott Remix) –Rachael Sage ^ 17.) Someone To Watch Over Me –Asher Book ^ Written by George & Ira Gershwin. Produced by Raney Shockne 18.) You Made Me Love You - Raney Shockne featuring Oren Waters ^ Produced by Raney Shockne 19.) Hold Your Dream - Naturi Naughton, Asher Book, Kay Panabaker * Written by Mathew James Murphy, Produced by The Matrix

^ = Exclusive Master Recording * = Exclusive Song & Master Recording

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