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Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke looking for "Red Riding Hood"

Director of the first Twilight film Catherine Hardwicke has a new vulnerable female teenage protagonist to bring to life. She has just signed on to direct a new adaption of the famous Little Red Riding Hood story. As of now, the project is titled The Girl With The Red Riding Hood.

Written by David Johnson, who wrote the Orphan screenplay, this will be a "gothic retelling" of the story, this one focusing on werewolves with a "teenage love triangle at its center."

This is another project to her already busy to-do list, which has films like Hamlet, 21 Jump Street, If I Stay, and Maximum Ride also in the works.

Ok, I'll say it. Change werewolves to vampires, and you've got an independent, super obscure film called Twilight. I could be wrong (or very wrong) come the release of this film, but there's already a couple of obvious similarities. The aforementioned "vulnerable female teenage protagonist," and "the love triangle." Eek. Does anyone not think of Jacob, Edward, and Bella when hearing this will be a werewolf movie with a love trio?

Twilighters, can any of you imagine Robert Pattinson with a lot of fur and even bigger fangs? And with this project's Twilight similarities, does this excite you or kind of miff you?

Source: Variety

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