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'The Hangover Part III' starring Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis - trailer review

The Hangover Part III

Directed by: Todd Phillips Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: May 24, 2013

Trailer Score: 8/10

Thoughts by TSR: I was going to do this super "clever" thing where I took my review of the trailer for The Hangover Part II and just replaced all the IIs with IIIs. You know, because the second was basically the same as the first, except in Bangkok. Sadly (also fortunately), my plan ran into problems almost immediately. For one thing, turns out I didn’t write about the trailer for The Hangover Part II. Problematic, but not enough to derail me. The nail in my plan’s coffin was the fact that The Hangover Part III doesn’t really look like it will be a rehash of the first two installments. As a fan of the first film, this makes me very happy.

Sure, the Wolfpack is returning to Las Vegas, but it doesn't look like there's any blackout this time. At least not as the inciting incident. It's Vegas, so I'm sure there's a blackout somewhere. Anyway, while the trailer doesn't have a whole lot of outright jokes, I still chuckled a few times. Alan's angelic voice is just as beautiful as I always imagined it would be. I also quite like Ed Helms' reading of, "Someone needs to burn this place to the ground." It gives us another great Galifianakis reaction, too. While the mayhem caused by Alan and his giraffe is a funny ending, my favorite moment might be the hilariously awkward passing of the lollipop between Galifianakis and Melissa McCarthy. Weirdly, Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper barely makes an impression. Cooper only has a couple lines, though that's a couple more than newcomer John Goodman. Still, just seeing Goodman as a gun-toting tracksuit guy is enough for now. Hopefully he's put to better use than Paul Giamatti was in the second film.

I probably won't be seeing The Hangover Part III in theaters, but I'll happily check it out on Blu-ray to see how the Wolfpack's last adventure turns out.

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