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'This Is the End' starring Seth Rogen and James Franco - Mayan trailer review

This Is the End Directed by: Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen Starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: June 14, 2013

Trailer Score: 7/10

Thoughts by TSR: December 21 is in the past and it turns out those pesky Mayans had it all wrong. The world turns on, meaning we still have the opportunity to see a bunch of our favorite comedic actors deal with the fictionalized end of the world (Craig Robinson's way of adapting: drinking his own urine out of a martini glass). This trailer runs over three minutes (including an intro from Seth Rogen and James Franco) and it all feels like it might have been better suited as a Funny or Die sketch. Still, there are enough humorous moments and talented people involved for me to give This Is the End a shot.

I found the intro with Rogen and Franco nearly as funny as the scene that follows. I really like the way the opening builds, plus the two Pineapple Express actors continue to have great chemistry. The actual scene has its share of amusing lines, but it also heavily features Danny McBride. While I’m far from being McBride’s biggest fan, he does get a handful of good quips, including one at Franco’s expense that got a laugh out of me. My favorite line of the whole thing, however, has to be this: “Guess if Michael Cera’s gone it’s not a total loss, huh?” Funny though it is, I don’t agree, so my hope is for Cera to rise like a phoenix and save the world alongside an ax-wielding Emma Watson. Because if that doesn’t happen, then what’s the point?

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