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'Identity Thief' starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy - trailer review

Identity Thief Directed by: Seth Gordon Starring: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Favreau Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: February 8, 2013


Thoughts by TSR: Horrible. There’s not a single joke or moment in this trailer that lands for me. While I wouldn’t say this is disappointing necessarily, I was hoping for some semblance of quality considering the talent involved. I love Jason Bateman, and last time he was directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) ended up being one of my favorite comedies of 2011. “Arrested Development” has me on his side for the long haul, but after The Change-Up and this I’m starting to grow impatient. Melissa McCarthy on the other hand is someone I’ve liked before, though I’ve grown tired of her shtick. I found her Oscar nomination preposterous (I preferred virtually everyone else in the cast of Bridesmaids, particularly Rose Byrne), but that’s fine. She looks to be in the same mode here, just with slightly less lava and restraint.

None of the dialogue is memorable, and the physical comedy (of which there is plenty) falls flat too. The best they can muster is making fun of Bateman’s name, McCarthy punching him in the throat (twice!), and punch lines about Colorado being landlocked. Um. Hilarious? I suppose McCarthy’s character’s appearance is supposed to be a joke in and of itself. But you’re really going to have to do better than dress her in gaudy shirts and call her a Hobbit. I generally make an effort to see as many new films as possible throughout the year, so it’s occasionally nice when a trailer comes along so unfunny that I can immediately cross it off my list. Thanks, Identity Thief!


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