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'Total Recall' starring Colin Farrell - trailer review

Total Recall Directed by: Len Wiseman Starring: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: August 3, 2012


Thoughts by TSR: Confession time: I've never seen the Paul Verhoeven/Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall. Even without that frame of reference, unfortunately, very little of this trailer offers anything original. I could probably forgive the fact it looks similar to any number of dystopian sci-fi films if it was more fun. Instead it only makes this Total Recall look like more of what I’ve come to expect from director Len Wiseman.

One thing working in the film's favor is my affection for most of the cast. Colin Farrell is capable of giving a great performance (if you haven't seen In Bruges, watch it as soon as possible), and he looks fine with what he’s given here. He’s believable in the trailer's best moment – the fairly well-executed single shot where he discovers his abilities – so at least it has a quality leading man. I also quite like the idea of Kate Beckinsale as one of the antagonists (the Beckinsale/Biel fight could be a highlight, as both are capable when it comes to action). I’d have liked more Bryan Cranston, as is usually the case, but simply knowing he’s playing one of Farrell’s adversaries is enough to raise my interest ever so slightly.

Considering how generic this feels, there’s probably a pun to be made about how much of the film moviegoers will be able to recall upon leaving the theater. I’m going to leave that alone, instead opting to just sit back and hope Total Recall ends up being worthy of its solid cast.


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