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'Man on a Ledge' starring Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks - trailer

Man on a Ledge Directed by: Asger Leth Starring: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell Rating: Not yet rated Release Date: January 13, 2012


Thoughts by TSR: Oscar season is approaching and I'm all excited for the best that Hollywood has to offer. I'm not ready to see stuff like this yet. A man leaves an expensive city apartment to stand on the ledge outside. But he's not trying to commit suicide, he just wants attention. Because this is how he's decided to prove he was framed for some crime. This trailer is pretty thorough about giving a good idea of the whole plot of the movie. The actors look decent, Banks, Bell and Harris are all good. But the ridiculousness of the plot (was standing on the ledge his only option for media attention? He couldn't teach a squirrel to water ski?) dampens my interest. It sounds like plot by committee, and not in a good way. Maybe in January I'll be ready for brain dead entertainment but I'm not there yet.

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