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'Puncture' starring Chris Evans - trailer review

Puncture Directed by: Adam Kassen, Mark Kassen Starring: Chris Evans, Brett Cullen, Michael Biehn Rating: R Release Date: TBD


Thoughts by TSR: NOT YOUR NORMAL TRAILER. Er, yes it is. Pretty standard fare in the world of cinematic trailers. This trailer neither interested me, nor put me off. Total run-of-the-mill, right down Main Street.

I've always found Chris Evans to be hard to digest, I don't understand his Tom Cruise-esque swagger. Tom Cruise's swagger I get, but this cheap off-brand of Chris Evans, I do not. And he struck me here as even more off-putting than usual.

I found very little in this trailer to be excited about. The supporting cast looks weak as tin. I've always dug Michael Biehn (probably my first man-crush, thanks to Aliens and The Terminator), and his goatee looks killer, but that's not going to be enough to sell me on a $12 ticket.

The fact that this review is far shorter than my typical, says enough.

Moving on...

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