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'The Change-Up' starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman - trailer review

The Change-Up Directed by: David Dobkin Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann Rating: R Release Date: August 5, 2011



Thoughts by TSR: Bateman and Reynolds urinate in the same fountain (???) and then get all freaky Friday-ed. (For more on that, look at my list of Top 7 Body Switching Comedies.) It looks a little par for the course at first, one hot single dude switching bodies with an overworked married guy. What interests me is Bateman. I won't say every film he's been in is great, but he's been good in every film since Arrested Development. He was even good in Hancock and that was a hot mess. This is finally his chance to play a dick, which he hasn't done since AD (face it, Michael was a jerk a lot of the time). I also love Reynolds in comedies, he was great in The Proposal. The rest of the cast looks pretty strong too.

This particular trailer is funnier than the one shown in the theaters. It's not that much dirtier but still about ten times better. The scene with Bateman at the end is both horrifying and hilarious. This movie will either be awesome and really funny, or one of those movies where all the good stuff is in the trailer. I'm hoping for the former.


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