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'Waiting for Forever' starring Rachel Bilson - trailer review

Waiting for Forever Directed by: James Keach Starring: Rachel Bilson, Tom Sturridge, Richard Jenkins Rating: PG-13 Release Date: February 4, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: Somewhere in this trailer, I think there's supposed to be a character that I care about... or at least I'm mildly interested in. Unfortunately, this mash up of puppy eyes, whining, and stalking just kinda leaves me with the desire to get a restraining order against the next person who compliments me. I mean, that's what we're supposed to take away, right? That guys (in this case Tom Sturridge) that are nice to you after, like, 20 years probably means that he wants to make a skin suit out of you.

I'm sure at some point this guy was supposed to appear sweet to me, but the creep factor never really left. But I also hafta say, I don't entirely get the attraction to Rachel Bilson's character either. Sure, she's pretty, but does she do anything besides complain about her life? Granted, she may have her reasons (the trailer doesn't really give much about her backstory) but you can only expect me to emotionally invest in so much when I don't have a character background.

Unfortunately, the most talented of the cast (I'm lookin' at you Blythe Danner and Richard Jenkins) are clearly secondary characters. In a self congratulatory tale of love all grown up, I'm not counting on much screen time for Danner or Jenkins. And with that, my main reason to even consider renting this movie is pretty much gone. Still, if you like maudlin yet equally unsettling romances, this might be your thing, but I'm not sure how many people fall into that category.

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