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'Ong Bak 3' starring Tony Jaa - teaser trailer review

Ong Bak 3 - teaser trailer Directed by: Tony Jaa Starring: Tony Jaa, Dan Chupong, Kessarin Ektawatkul Rating: R Release Date: January 14, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: I'll do a lot of things in the name of martial arts flicks. No, seriously, I even took a class in college on kung fu movies, but there are some times when a line must be drawn. Even as a huge fan of the first Ong Bak and Tony Jaa's incredible skills as a martial artists, Ong Bak 3 holds little to no appeal. Hell, even with the second one when they tried to make Tony Jaa's character into some profound being, I wasn't buying it. I'm just hoping that this will have enough action to make it worthwhile, but judging from this teaser trailer, I'm still a little worried. I don't know who they're trying to get into the theater (especially after Ong Bak 2's dismal numbers) but this trailer doesn't seem to be selling what most US audiences would be. Especially considering that this is a martial arts movie, you'd think there'd be more than mere glimpses or at least some death defying act, the kind that Tony Jaa is known for, but what the trailer shows is fairly standard. Ong Bak 3 should be selling spectacle because, in terms of story and acting it doesn't have a whole lot going for it, but the pure awe of what Tony Jaa can do is what always kept me coming back to these movies. Truth be told, I'm expecting a few killer scenes dragged down by a flimsy plot. Sadly, you couldn't even sell that to me with this teaser.

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