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'Paul' starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - international teaser review

Paul - International Teaser Directed by: Greg Mottola Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Friost, Seth Rogen Rating: NR Release Date: February 18, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: This is one of those movies that has been a long time coming for me. I heard about it a while ago and since then, it's been pretty quiet, but now I, along with other fans of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, have something to look forward to. Paul is a pretty simple concept, but it's the cast that seals the deal for me. I'm not just talking about the bromance of Pegg and Frost, which safely takes up about half the trailer, but that's right folks, there are more people to get excited about! Seth Rogen's voice work is usually... well, usually it's pretty much a cleaned up version of Seth Rogen so fans of his foul-mouthed antics may want to lower their expectations a little, still, with no word on the rating, it's anyone's game. Speaking of game, I know Jason Bateman has been off his lately (first sharing a kiss with Dustin Hoffman at a Lakers game, then sharing the screen with Jennifer Aniston in a movie about hi-jacking a woman's uterus? I call that a poor life decision, Jason) but I have hope for this one. Kristin Wiig has always been a draw for me, but after the box office bomb that was MacGruber I'm surprised they mentioned her in the trailer at all. But the real reason for my geeking out would have to be Sigourney Weaver. If anyone knows her way around an alien flick, there's no question that it's Weaver. Just a heads up to Mittola, I'm keeping my eye out for at least an homage to the Alien franchise, even a Galaxy Quest joke works for me. In the end, this teaser doesn't give me a whole lot to go on, but with the couple of laughs I got from these 66 seconds, and with an outstanding cast, I think it's safe to call Paul one of my personal must-sees for the upcoming year.

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