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'Lake Placid 3' starring Colin Ferguson - red band trailer review

Lake Placid 3 - Red Band Trailer Directed by: Griff Furst Starring: Colin Ferguson, Yancy Butler, Michael Ironside Rating: UR Release Date: October 26, 2010 (DVD)


MY THOUGHTS: As a film kid, it's nice to get in some quality campy/trashy in on my downtime. Well, that and I have to say that Lake Placid is definitely up there on my list of favorite creature features. It's a shame this one won't have Betty White like the original, but I'll live. Instead, this trailer supplies plenty of flesh for the hormone driven young males (well, at least the straight ones) and enough violence to at least intrigue most self-respecting horror fans. Does it look like the best plot? Not really. In fact, it's kind of hard to tell what the plot is besides the whole "there's a mean crocodile where no mean crocodiles should be." But that's fine by me. As is the case of most horror sequels and even more straight-to-DVD features, they don't have a whole lot to offer besides stupid fun, but I, for one, am okay with that. Sure, I won't be rushing out to grab my copy anytime soon, but if it comes to Netflix Instant View, I certainly wouldn't turn it off and I might even take the time to sit down and enjoy some bimbo co-eds and testosterone driven frat days get eaten by a giant crocodile. Is that really so wrong?

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