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'[Rec] 2' starring Manuela Valesco - red band trailer review

[Rec] 2- Red Band Trailer Directed by: Jaume Balaguero Starring: Manuela Valesco, Leticia Delora, Ferran Terraza Rating: R Release Date: July 10, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: Horror knows no language barriers. For proof of that check out the 2007 Spanish language flick The Orphanage or even the first [Rec]. The issue with [Rec] 2 isn't about the language at all, but the much more serious problem that plagues the horror community; the problem of the dreaded sequel. As a fan of the first movie, I see absolutely no reason for a sequel. I mean, sure it might tie up some things, but in most cases, follow-up movies just muddy the waters and try to steal the glory of the first one with little to no success. Still, all those fears aside, if there has to be a [Rec] 2, the trailer seems promising. It looks like a fluid continuation rather than one of those hard up for money sequel projects. The scares look fairly standard, even for director Balaguero, but I could be wrong. Lord knows I love a good scare so I hope that I'm wrong about this one, but in the end, it's not really about how promising the film is, but just the experience of being scared. That's why I have to say that if I see this movie at all, it's theater or bust. Nothing like a good horror movie and a dark movie theater to set you right.

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