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Flicks on 6: Oscar talk, 'The Rite,' and 'The Mechanic'

Every Friday on KOIN Local 6’s “Studio 6″ I do my movie reviews in a segment we like to call “Flicks on 6.” And here it is…

Flicks on 6

This week Jeff Bayer has two wide releases and two smaller films to review. First up is the exorcist film, "The Rite" starring Anthony Hopkins (though he doesn't show up for the first half hour). Next up is the action flick "The Mechanic," which has a mean streak and stars Jason Statham and Ben Foster. Then, up for Best Animated Film is "The Illusionist," and nominated for two Oscars is "Biutiful" starring Javier Bardem. Then it's all about the Oscars.

Here's a list of movies to get you ready for the 83rd Academy Awards (if you only have a little time, see the ones that have a star next to them):

In theaters 127 Hours Biutiful Black Swan* Blue Valentine The Fighter* The Illusionist The King's Speech* Rabbit Hole True Grit*

Rentals Animal Kingdom How to Train Your Dragon Inception The Kids Are All Right The Social Network* Toy Story 3* Winter's Bone

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