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Flicks on 6: 'The Town,' 'Easy A' and 'Devil'

Every Friday on KOIN Local 6’s “Studio 6″ I do my movie reviews in a segment we like to call “Flicks on 6.” And here it is… Flicks on 6

Film critic Jeff Bayer talks about Ben Affleck's new cops and robbers movie "The Town." There's also Emma Stone's high school comedy "Easy A" about a girl who lets some rumors spread. M. Night Shyamalan produced the new thriller "Devil" about a group of people who get stuck in an elevator.

As always, there's a giveaway as well. This week it's the special edition Blu-Ray of the classic "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" which includes playing cards, a hard-bound book and an all new interview with producer Micahel Douglas. Tune in every Friday for your chance to win!

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