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Flicks on 6 - Interviews Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin for 'The Back-up Plan'

It's true. I didn't like The Back-up Plan. You can read my quickcard review here. I did however enjoy sitting down with Jennifer Lopez, Miss Lopez, J Lo, Jenny from the B, or her many other names, along with her costar Alex O'Loughlin from The Back-up Plan. I was in Hawaii last week, so Jenny and Araksya introduced Back-Up and The Losers. Then they tossed to my interview. Couple things about the interview ... yes, J Lo does have a certain glow about her. O'Loughlin does talk a little bit about the upcoming "Hawaii 5-0" TV series. Also, my favorite moment was when I got her to utter, "you're funny." I'm still not convinced if she was annoyed or enjoying the moment. You decide.

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