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Something Borrowed - Seen It Review

Something Borrowed Directed by: Luke Greenfield Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski Running Time: 1 hr 53 mins Rating: PG-13 Release Date: May 6, 2011

This is a "Seen It" review. You've seen it. I've seen it. That means all plot points and spoilers are fair game and will be discussed. The only reason to read this review is if you have already watched the film, or never plan on seeing it, but for some reason, you'd like to know what TSR thought about it. We walk you through the key moments in the film, adding in our thoughts along the way. You've been warned.

PLOT: After her birthday party, Rachel (Goodwin) wakes up next to her best friend's fiance (Egglesfield). The two must decide what to do as the wedding day for her friend (Hudson) draws near.

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Movie: First, we meet Darcy (Hudson). She's throwing the party for her best friend and our main character Rachel, but clearly needs to be the center of attention. She's also drunk/tipsy and has a totally normal/nice fiance. Thoughts by TSR: I'm not a huge Kate Hudson fan, and we're quickly off to maintain that pattern. In these rom-coms I've normally found Hudson naturally obnoxious, and now she's trying to be. At this point the movie hasn't made it clear if she's the villain or not. And while she may annoy me, clearly Dex and Rachel love Darcy. Plus, Rachel is a pushover and Ethan (John Krasinki) exists to provide commentary on all of the crazy situations that will happen.

Movie: Dex comes back for Darcy's purse. Rachel helps him because she'll do anything for her friend. Rachel continues to reveal she has no self-esteem (and attractive girl can't understand why Dex and Rachel are together) and here's a bombshell ... after having a couple of Heinekens, Rachel tells Dex that she used to have a crush on him years ago. Thoughts by TSR: Dex is unaware he's attractive. Women want him and he is shocked, SHOCKED that the slightly bookish looking Rachel used to like him. You know what, at this point, the set up kind of works. He kisses her first, which is the only way this is allowed. If it ends with a kiss, I think we have something here. Stirred up memories from long ago. I wonder where this will lead?

Movie: Rachel wakes up to find out she's slept with Dex. Thoughts by TSR: Wait, what? Aren't we beyond this accidentally happening? Neither one of them was black out drunk, right? How could the old "Oops, we slept together" happen here? It's her best friend. He's engaged. It was one comment about how she used to have a crush on him. This demands conversation and lots of it. This needs to be figured out, because right now both Rachel and Dex have completely blown up their worlds. So, this will definitely be followed by talking and action, right?

Movie: For the next hour, every rom-com cliché comes out. Thoughts by TSR: "We need to talk," is said every possible way by Rachel and Dex. Yet somehow, they don't talk. Why not? It's not that hard. They're brave enough to still text and call each other. So, talk! Darcy has that moment where she sits both of them down and says "I know what's going on here!" But guess what, she doesn't. Rachel dances with another man to make Dex jealous and he grinds with his fiancee to return the favor.

Movie: During this time, Ethan is the only one who makes sense, explains things as they are, and we the audience could actually spend time with. Thoughts by TSR: Well, this is all true about Ethan except for one thing. Ethan slept with Claire (Ashley Williams) and thinks she's too clingy, so he doesn't want anything to do with her. Now again, Ethan has shown the audience who he is ... the guy who speaks his mind. So, why on earth would he tell Claire he's gay? What's easier, a two minute conversation explaining you're not into someone, or attempting to show you are gay for an entire summer to someone you don't care about and just want to be done with? I wish Krasinki had read that part of the script, said, "No thanks," and been done with this flick.

Movie: Dex and Rachel spend Fourth of July weekend alone to play together. Thoughts by TSR: This is where the film decides to show you how sweet and cute it can be to have an affair with your best friend's fiance. Dex wants to play house with another woman, test drive her out, make sure the sex is still good, and figure out what it's like to walk down the street with her by his side. Rachel thinks this idea is adorable. Neither one brings up Darcy, but they do manage to run into Dex's parents. Dex's dad spots that he's having an affair in a second and declares, "It's not the kind of people we are." Um, is this the 1950s? Is Rachel black? What the hell? Why wouldn't you want your kid to be happy and make the correct decision? Plus, his mom has depression and apparently the only thing that triggers it is affairs. This is meant to give Dex a reason to still be with Darcy. It mainly showcases that Dex is not someone I can respect.

Movie: Through flashbacks, Rachel realizes she's spineless. Thoughts by TSR: It took her a long time to realize, it's not that Darcy always gets her way, it's that Rachel never stands up for herself. Keep in mind, she's a successful lawyer ... who doesn't stand up for herself. Once Rachel realizes she's spineless and should finally speak her mind, it starts raining. Yes, that's another rom-com cliché. She pours her heart out to Dex who turns into the most spineless version of spineless characters. Did I mention he gets a big house if he marries Darcy? Clearly, if we root for Rachel, we can't want her to be with Dex any more, no matter what.

Movie: Rachel goes to London to visit Ethan, who moved away for a job. Thoughts by TSR: Again, besides that whole gay thing, Ethan has been good to hang out with. My main thought here though was, seriously? We're in London? Why? Oh, so Ethan can poor his heart out and confess to Rachel that he wants her and he should be the good guy she's looking for. She quickly turns him down and is determined to "be there" for her best friend Darcy.

Movie: Rachel is home and on her doorstep is Dex, who called off the wedding and wants her. Thoughts by TSR: Wow, shouldn't Dex be by himself for a while? Maybe some soul searching would do him some good. He doesn't love his job, he doesn't communicate well with anyone in his life. Not the type of person that should be jumping into another relation... oh what the heck. Rachel is back to loving him. They're together.

Movie: Darcy slept with Marcus (Steve Howey). She did this a few times starting on July 4th. Thoughts by TSR: See, it's OK, because Darcy is self-absorbed (which Dex and Rachel were fine with their entire lives together) but she also slept with a guy and didn't care. She's awful. So, it's totally fine that Dex and Rachel slept together. It was meant to be. In most rom-coms that have a love triangle, they must eventually let you realize one of the characters is pure evil. They have established that with Darcy. She's also pregnant.

Movie: Two months later Rachel and Darcy meet on the street. Thoughts by TSR: I have no idea why this scene ends the film. This was not a story about friendship. This is a story about being spineless or selfish and treating those close to you like crap. Darcy declares, "You've always been jealous of me, ever since I got into Notre Dame." Rachel allows that lie. This shows she's over Darcy and she's happily moved on. But then she immediately says she misses Darcy, which shows she's back to some version of allowing Darcy to control her. But don't worry, it's happily ever after for Dex and Rachel. Until of course, one of them gets a new best friend.


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