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How to Die in Oregon

SXSW film review

How to Die in Oregon

Director: Peter D. Richardson The film tells the complex stories of terminally ill Oregonians, their families, doctors and friends, as they decide whether to end their life by lethal overdose under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

WHO'S IT FOR? If you want your education in the form of a passionate, moving documentary, then make the time for this film.


Tissues? No? Well, you probably won't need them to get through this review, but I highly recommend grabbing some before you sit down and watch this movie. From the very beginning, this documentary shows you death. After all, with a title of How to Die they might as well get right to it.

The tight focus is wrapped around Oregon's Right to Die Law and how people have used it (and chosen against it). A side plot also shows Washington State's attempt of an assisted suicide law.

Each story is heartfelt. The director takes the time necessary to show why each person is making their decision. While I feel How to Die in Oregon shows both sides, what it showcases so brilliantly is "choice." There is no easy decision, but allowing someone who has put in the necessary time to make a sound decision for themselves has a place in our society, or at least it does in Oregon.


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