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Fly Me to the Moon 3D

Fly Me to the MoonDirected by: Ben Stassen Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, Trevor Gagnon, Philip Daniel Bolden, David Gore Time: 1.5 hours Rating: G

Plot: In 1969 NASA plans to launch the first manned mission to the moon. Excited about the opportunity, three young flies plan stow away on the Apollo 11 space flight in an attempt to be the first insects on the moon.

Who’s It For? This one is for the young kids who haven't yet had the experience of 3D on the big screen. Old enough that they can sit for 90 minutes with 3D glasses on but there's probably not enough substance for the over 10 crowd.

Expectations: I haven't seen a lot of buzz (pun intended) about the movie except that it's in 3D. I hold any animated movie to Pixar standards and I hope it delivers.


Actors: Nat, voiced by Trevor Gagnon: Gagnon does what he can to portray an adventurous spirit. His goal as the leader of the mission is to make me want to risk my life to make history but it just never happened. Score: 4

IQ, voiced by Philip Daniel Bolden: IQ is supposed to be the brainiac but it sounds like he's reading from a textbook. The script is partially to blame but, he's talking at me rather than conversing with his fly buddies. Score: 4

Scooter, voiced by David Gore: He has his mouth full through half his lines but mission accomplished on making me believe he is the overweight sidekick. Score: 5

Grandpa McFly, voiced by Christopher Lloyd: Lloyd is a great selection for the aged adventurer. His character's name is obviously a play on words referencing his role in the Back to the Future series. I would be proud to have him as my grandpa, except that he ate dung for dinner. Score: 7

Igor, voiced by Tim Curry: Curry typically has a very distinguishable voice but this role may have gone unnoticed if uncredited. That being said, I buy in to his evil Russian accent for the small role he has. Score: 6

Talking: “Oh my Lord of the Flies,” I understand the film is made for children but the adults that accompany them need at least a little entertainment as well. Several times I felt I was watching one of the “ABC After School Specials,” lecturing the audience on the dangers of child obesity. Some of the big money spent on the 3D animation should have been spent on the script. Score: 3

Sights & Sounds: 3D. This is the first film in years I have seen in 3D on the big screen. It's one area where they spared no expense. Whether it was going for a ride through the weeds, having bugs whiz past my head or rockets flying right at my face, I felt like I could reach out and touch it. The 3D is detailed enough that even the inside of the flies' mouths have depth. Score: 7

OVERALL The stories and characters of past animated films like A Bugs Life and Bee Movie helped me to appreciate and identify with insects, unfortunately Fly Me to the Moon didn't follow suit. I had trouble relating to any of the characters. Maybe it's just difficult to make flies and maggots lovable. It feels like the story is just going through the motions to get you between the visuals. They tried to throw in some laughs but failed to bring but a few brief chuckles. If you're dying to see something 3D in the theater, and need some entertainment for the kids, throw on your glasses and enjoy the show. Grandpa McFly's motto was “If it ain't an adventure, it ain't worth doing,” and he hit the nail on the head. Score: 4 out of 10

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