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The Hangover Part II - Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet

Blu-ray Review

The Hangover Part II

Directed by: Todd Phillips Cast: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms Running Time: 1 hr 42 mins Rating: R

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PLOT: Stu (Helms) is getting married in Thailand and once again he, Phil (Cooper), and Alan (Galifianakis) black out and try to fit the pieces of the night before back together.

WHO’S IT FOR? Do you want another chance to hang out with these guys? Say no more and go buy this movie. Are you looking for a solid story and some evolving from the characters? Look elsewhere.


Poor Stu. All he wanted was a bachelor brunch. After that, it's the same, but different.

The same, but different. That’s what we expect from a sequel. Unfortunately, with The Hangover Part II it really feels like they just replaced the nouns. Instead of a tiger, it’s a monkey. Instead of Las Vegas, it’s Bangkok. Instead of Mr. Chow, it’s Kingsley. It’s amazing the movie feels like a pretty good ride for as long as it does. Once it’s revealed how the threesome ended up blacking out this time around, the amusement seems to vanish. Then the “been there, done that” feeling creeps in. The first time around, The Hangover felt fresh, like something you discovered. Now, it’s impossible to feel like anything is fresh in concept, except the nouns. It doesn’t feel like they (mainly Phillips) analyzed the original, and thought through what worked and didn’t work.

Alan is a very funny character, but I would love to feel like he’s on the team, instead of “accidentally” sabotaging things. Todd Phillips and Zach Galifianakis have created (yes, I’m giving them a little more credit and disapproval) characters that are funny, but shouldn’t be tolerated. Alan is tolerated, just because. The guys don’t have a great reason. I’d love a reason or for Alan to have evolved just a little bit. The Hangover Part II manages to jump the shark, which would have been funny if they were actually jumping a shark. It’s fun to hang out with the boys again, but all of the things that didn’t work in the first film seem amplified. Maybe if I watch this one six more times, it will get funnier. Just like the first, but I doubt it.

With that said, the bonuses on the Blu-ray absolutely help. It's that feeling we were searching for. Once again, we're hanging out with the boys. Consider owning it, or simply make sure you hang on to the rental for a while.



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