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Blue Velvet: 25th Anniversary - Blu-ray

Blue Velvet: 25th Anniversary - Blu-ray Directed by: David Lynch Cast: Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern Running Time: 2 hrs Rating: R Due Out: November 8, 2011

PLOT: After finding a human ear in a field, a young man (MacLachlan) discovers a dark world he had no idea existed. His life drastically changes.

WHO'S IT FOR? While it might not be fun for everyone, if you're a cinephile, it's required viewing.


As a film critic, you don't like to admit certain movies you may have missed. Blue Velvet was one of my dirty little secrets. When I worked at a video store in high school, I gave it a chance. I was about to hit play on the VCR when a friend wanted to go out. That's it. I never got around to watching it. Thankfully, the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray showed up on my doorstep and changed that.

It is such an idyllic start, with a suburban home complete with white picket fence. Then the hose gets tangled, the old man has a stroke and we're off to the land of insanity. It doesn't take long at all to be complete uncomfortable and that's just where David Lynch wants us, underneath it all with the insects.

Lynch is good at uneasy creepiness and Blue Velvet might be his best work in that regard. Good, sweet Jeffrey (MacLachlan) is curious when he finds an ear. That's right, walking along the college kid finds an ear. He can't help but want to know more. This leads to sweet Sandy (Dern). Jeffrey and Sandy go about exploring and up pops Dorothy (Rossellini). In other hands, the kid investigator would be considered a fun little adventure. Lynch, once again, makes it uneasy. Uneasy turns to crazy when Jeffrey risks exploring Dorothy's apartment and gets trapped in the closet.

Even though the song "Blue Velvet" comes up a couple of times, Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" is the quintessential crazy. Dean Stockwell lip syncs and the room of nutty characters sway with enjoyment. Frank (Dennis Hopper) is in full rage. This is especially gripping 25 years ago because audiences hadn't met angry/insane Hopper.

Jeffrey drifts to the dark side, from what seems like purity. Violence and sex collide. He changes in ways he cannot imagine when this adventure begins. It's a wake up for him, and more importantly, it's a wake up to everyone who watches this classic.




  • Over 50 minutes of never-before-seen Lost Footage
  • A Few Outtakes
  • Documentary: Mysteries of Love
  • Siskel & Ebert at the Movies review "Blue Velvet"
  • Vignettes
  • Trailer/TV Spots

Here is one of the bonus clips - Piece of Cake

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