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Another Man, Another Chance (Un Autre Homme, Une Autre Chance) - DVD review

DVD Review Another Man, Another Chance (Un Autre Homme, Une Autre Chance)

Directed by: Claude LeLouch Cast: James Caan, Genevieve Bujold Running Time: 2 hr 10 min Rating: PG Due Out: June 2011

PLOT: A veterinarian (Caan) and a French photographer (Bujold) meet after losing their respective spouses to violence in the old West.

WHO'S IT FOR? People who like Westerns, but wish they were a little more French? Fans of the storytelling and style of '70s cinema.


Lelouch slowly tells the story of David (Caan), a veterinarian who loses his wife in a brutal rape and murder and Jeanne (Bujold) the wife of a photographer who traveled from France to live in the West until he's also killed right in front of her. These two traumatized people spend most of the movie living their separate lives, not knowing of the other's existence. As an audience, we're sort of waiting for the respective spouses to die so that the leads can come together, which kind of puts us in an awkward situation. When they do finally come together it takes a bit of time but I was invested enough in the characters to give it to them.

There's definitely a '70s feel to the movie, I found it a little similar to Altman's McCabe & Mrs. Miller but less stylized and a little more character focused. I mean that in a good way. I like Altman and Leonard Cohen (whose music is used heavily in the film) but found it a bit muddled. Lelouch takes the style but gives the characters more of a story to work with. Despite how depressing it sounds, it's actually kind of uplifting.




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