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127 Hours -- Blu-ray Review

Blu-ray Review 127 Hours

Directed by: Danny Boyle Cast: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara Running Time: 1 hr 34 mins Rating: R Due Out: March 1, 2011

PLOT: A mountain climber (Franco) becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive.

WHO'S IT FOR? People who appreciate true adventure; active enthusiastic explorers will relate most to 127 Hours. The film does rely entirely on universal themes, and as such, people who like to live vicariously through their 1080p should also find this film moving -- that is, of course, assuming they're not claustrophobic or turned off by self-mutilation and spraying blood.

MOVIE: I honestly have never felt more happy to be alive than I did after first seeing this film. With the closing credits completed, I walked out of the theater with an extra bounce in my step. I inhaled deeply the cold nighttime air, and proceeded onwards with a potent infusion of giddy optimism. This film had fostered warm thoughts in me, warm thoughts about the beauty and preciousness and fragility of life, and warm thoughts towards my fellow man — an “all in this together” mantra bounced around in my happy head.

Upon a second viewing, via gorgeous blu-ray, I must say it made me feel much the same way -- obviously the oomph of the first viewing would be impossible to replicate, but yeah, it came close here. This is an excellent film on all fronts. A definite "must see!" Franco is incredible, the general craftsmanship executed here is phenomenal.

Danny Boyle rocks! Here's a brilliant quote of his regarding 127 Hours:

‎"This is a film about how precious life is. And it's only precious because of other people. It's not precious in itself, which is what we sometimes think - we think the will to survive is an individualistic thing. But it's actually connected to other people. And that's what the life essence is really about - it's always about other people, even in the loneliest places."

I could not agree more! He nailed it here! I absolutely adore his enthusiasm. Danny Boyle is on a cinematic rampage!



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