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Thelma and Louise (20th Anniversary) - Blu-ray Review

Blu-ray Review

Thelma and Louise (20th Anniversary)

Directed by: Ridley Scott Cast: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Brad Pitt Running Time: 2 hr 10 min Rating: R Due Out: February 8, 2011

PLOT: A housewife (Davis) and waitress (Sarandon) go off on a two day trip and end up on a crime spree, running from the cops.

WHO'S IT FOR? Anyone who likes a well-made film with interesting characters and beautiful scenery.


I saw this movie years ago, but it was great to see it again now that I'm a little older. When it came out, it was described as a great feminist film, but that kind of does it a disservice. This is a great film in general, with many well realized characters.  Even a character like Darryl (Christopher McDonald), Thelma's jerky husband, has moments of redemption. The main characters go through huge arcs but they feel believable.

Still, that's not a reason to upgrade your DVD for a Blu-ray, you should do that because it looks so great. The final scenes shot in Moab, Utah are beautiful.  The final car chase, despite the fact that it's been parodied all over the place, is still really invigorating. It's shot to not just be pretty, but incredibly dynamic.

So what's not great about the film? The music. It's incredibly dated and very synth heavy. Also it doesn't really mesh with the film. I lived in the south at that time, and that's not what anyone listened to. Granted, I'm not saying I wanted to hear "Achy Breaky Heart", but still.

The extras offer some interesting bits. Thelma & Louise: The Last Journey is a little too long, though I did learn Brad Pitt's feelings on the sex scene. Spoiler, he had an erection while Geena Davis was sitting on his lap. Also, his accent in the film was his real accent at the time.



Audio Commentary by Director Ridley Scott Audio Commentary by Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, and Writer Callie Khouri Thelma & Louise: The Last Journey Original Theatrical Featurette Extended Ending With Director's Commentary Deleted and Extended Scenes Multi-Angle Storyboards: The Final Chase "Part of You, Part of Me" Music Video by Glenn Frey

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