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Two Girls and a Guy - Blu-ray

Blu-ray Review Two Girls and a Guy

Directed by: James Toback Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham, Natasha Gregson Wagner Running Time: 1 hr 25 mins Rating: R or NC-17 Due Out: November 3, 2009

PLOT: A man (Downey Jr.) is simultaneously confronted by the two women (Graham, Wagner) he has been seeing at the same time.

WHO'S IT FOR? This 1997 indie movie seems to have fallen under the radar in all of its stars' filmographies. So yes, who is this small moment in everyone's career for? Heather Graham Collectivists?


When asked of his dreams, a neighborly mage once stated with stunning simplicity, “two chicks at the same time.” Two Girls and A Guy has the optional NC-17 rating and a title that works also as the name for a bland porno, but it is thankfully not the simple realization of a man’s dream to knock boots with two babes. The film is the bumbling messenger of the idea that nobody has to be perfect in relationships, and that everyone has the ability for compassion. But the road to this unique presented point is winding and chatty. When it comes to playfulness, Two Girls and a Guy is about as steamy as three people talking about their feelings.

Downey Jr.’s character is a self-fulfilling d-bag, but the performance that brings such scum to life is at least far less stilted than the drama school deliveries by both Heather Graham and Natalie Gregson Wagner. Perhaps the man we now know as Robert Stark has an unfair advantage, as writer/director James Toback’s dialogue doesn’t speak sincerely through women as much as it does through what is assumed to be his handsome, multi-talented vessel. This lack of balance is seen throughout dips in the story where Blake is sympathized with for being so “confused” about his “feelings” towards the two women. The many corners he lies himself into are not complemented with castration but more yelling confrontations from the women that are more confused than upset. Alcohol works to a man’s advantage, and suddenly a single guy is in more emotional control than the two girls.

The ending shot of the film, which has Blake experiencing emotional distress of his own is somewhat of a cheap one. It’s only the beginning of a manhandled idea that's more touching than a ménage a trios.



Theatrical Trailer A Conversation with James Toback Commentary by Robert Downey Jr., Natasha Gregson Wagner, and James Toback



A tiny movie is given a small list of extras. The only element big about this Blu-Ray is the gluttonous "A Conversation with James Toback," which is a tad more egotistical than a director interview should ever be. A young looking Downey Jr. photographed with two women on the photo might pull a curious customer in, but buyer beware: you probably saw Downey Jr.'s wide-ranging performance twelve years ago, and there's a reason you forgot about it.


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