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I Love You, Man - DVD

nonameDVD Review I Love You, Man

Directed by: John Hamburg Cast: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones Running Time: 1 hr 40 mins Rating: R Due Out: August 11, 2009

Plot: Now that Peter (Rudd) is engaged, he realizes he needs a best man. But he really doesn’t have any guy friends, so now he’s out searching, and along comes someone (Segel) who might be just right, even if his fiancee (Jones) doesn’t think so.

Who’s It For? Did you like Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Well that becomes secondary because this film is a Rudd lovefest. And he proves to be one of the more likeable guys in Hollywood.

Movie: They don’t rush into it here and they give Rudd time to set up his character of Peter Klaven, plus there’s comedians from “Saturday Night Live,” Broken Lizard and MTV’s “The State” so we’re in good hands. But the funniest performance might come from Jamie Pressly and Jon Favreau as the couple who argues all the time.

Jason Segel shows up with his little dog and slowly schools Peter on the ways to let loose. This isn’t written or directed by Judd Apatow, but you won’t be able to tell. John Hamburg’s behind this film. He did Along Came Polly and wrote Meet the Parents … which got me thinking … Paul Rudd is like Ben Stiller version 2.0. First time I watched Meet the Parents, I just cringed for Stiller. But here, Rudd makes me laugh right along when he’s uncomfortable, even when he’s beating the “slap the bass” joke into the ground.

Plus, they quote films like Princess Bride and Back to the Future … which is nice. And if you like the band Rush, make sure to stick around during the credits.

I wouldn’t quite say love, but this film is really likeable. Whether you want to call it a bromance, or guy love … it’s just a good time.

Movie Score: 7/10


Extras: Tons of clips from some of the best moments in the film. It really shows how they reworked lines from the film trying to get the best on screen. And in my opinion they actually made some mistakes in the lines they chose, like with Segel ranted after getting hit with the golf ball.

Deleted Scenes: I would have figured out other moments to cut, because ... The Lost Man Date - Rugby, Gay Bowling League Night, and Groomsmen Photo Session (the clip below) ... all work.

Gag Reel: Wow. Eleven minutes of a gag reel that actually makes me laugh, and gives me a hint on what it must have been on the set with these guys. Oddly, this is a rare feat, but one they pull off.

The other extras: Commentary by Director John Hamburg, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel The Making of I Love You, Man Previews

Extras Score: (0-10)


It might not be as rewatchable as Forgetting Sarah Marshall because of the slower pace, but it's a great showcase for Rudd. And the DVD is actually packed with more Rudd than you'll know what to do with. He's really given the chance to rework the script. You'll notice from the extended scenes that there are even more stretched out moments and they work as well. It shows how a comedy can be achieved during the process, and the script can simply be a starting point.

If you like the vibe of the movie, you'll love owning this DVD.

Final Score: 8/10

Groomsmen Deleted Scene on the DVD:

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