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The Odd Couple: Centennial Collection - 2 Disc

DVD Reviewoddcouple-box The Odd Couple: Centennial Collection - 2 Disc

Directed by: Gene Saks Cast: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau Running Time: 1 hr 45 mins Rating: G Due out: 3/24/09

Plot: Based on Neil Simon's award winning play, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are Felix and Oscar, two best friends who decide to live with each other out of necessity. Hilarious chaos ensues when their radically different lifestyles begin to drive each other crazy.

Who's It For? Fans of comedies and overall great films. This re-release of The Odd Couple will invite and re-invite viewers into the famous filthy apartment co-habitated by the neurotic Felix and the disgusting Oscar.

Movie: The chemistry of Lemmon and Matthau has prevailed in other movies, but here it's easy to see why this is their best. The colorful characters created by Simon are played wonderfully by the actors, both of them gifted with hilarious one-liners that require their own special kind of delivery. The premise of the film is very simple, yet it never drags. The tension between Felix and Oscar never becomes tired - only funnier and funnier.

Movie Score: 10/10


In The Beginning: A small part of this extra is a history lesson of the Odd Couple as both a play and later a film. The rest of this particular extra isn’t nearly as interesting. Fans and cast members of the film speak highly about the two lead actors, which is nice. The personal stories they tell are somewhat interesting, but their overabundance is tiresome. However, if you’ve ever wondered how identical Walter Matthau’s son is to his father, here’s your chance. Or, if you’ve ever wanted to hear the Odd Couple theme song play on repeat, this one’s for you.

Inside The Odd Couple: Many stories behind the making of The Odd Couple are told - some more interesting than others. A gravelly Robert Evans meanders with a few stories about casting, and then some of the actors involved in the film discuss their favorite scenes. This extra has a fair amount of history, but like much else on this DVD tends to drift towards being overtly reflective about how great the film is.

The Odd Couple: A Classic: This is the extra that is probably the most useless, despite being relatively obligatory. Everyone, from Brad Garrett to Larry King, chimes in on how perfect The Odd Couple is. It might be hard to disagree with the many people who praise the film, but it's very easy to skip this extra. We know this movie is great. We can tell that just by watching any of the extras on the same disc.

The Other Extras:

Matthau & Lemmon Memories from the Set Photo Galleries Theatrical Trailer

Extras Score: 6/10


Ashamedly, I admit this is the first time I have seen The Odd Couple. However, I am happy to say that I understand what everyone is talking about - this really is a classic film. Many of its scenes are as iconic as they are hilarious. Will I ever look at linguini the same? The odd coupling of Felix and Oscar feels legendary, and, as many people say on the various extras of the DVD, "perfect."

This re-packaging of The Odd Couple is all about the feature film. By saying that I mean the second disc is mostly fluff, despite the few golden stories sandwiched between heavy moments of fond nostalgia. There has to be a lot of tales behind this film, but this DVD prefers praise over history. It would be a worthy buy for any fan who has already fallen in love with the film and its stars.

Final Score: 8/10

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