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Stoned Age

DVD Review National Lampoon's Stoned Age

Directed by: Adam Rifkin Cast: Adam Rifkin, Ali Larter, Talia Shire, Hayes MacArthur, Gary Busey Running Time: 1 hr 28 mins Rating: Not Rated

Plot: Follow the exploits and conflicts of brainy caveman, Ishbo, (Adam Rifkin) as he seeks the love of his life Fardart (Ali Larter). Unfortunately, Fardart is already spoken for by Ishbo's older, stronger, caveman brother (Hayes MacArthur). Ishbo struggles to advance the human race through his inventions and by keeping his tribe safe from rival tribes.

Who's It For? College guys bored after a night of drinking or relatives of the actors in the movie.

Movie: Adam Rifkin directs, writes, and stars in this slow moving comedy that will leave you asking for your money back. You might think a movie with appearances by Gary Busey, Ron Jeremy and Tom Arnold would be able to muster up at least a few laughs. Rifkin, however, fails to deliver just about every aspect of this movie. Other than the occasional courtesy laugh for some physical humor and a pity laugh now and again, this comedy was severely lacking.

The plot moves slowly as Ishbo battles his brother, parents and just about everyone else. One of Ishbo's challenges is romancing his best friend and soon to be sister-in-law, Fardart. I'd like to say the talent and good looks of Ali Larter could help save this movie ... I'd also like to say that the spattering of nudity and attractive females could do the same ... What I will say is, the most interesting thing about the movie was keeping track how many times Rifkin was hit on the head. That should tell you enough about the quality of this film.

Score: 1/10


Caveman in Love (Song): Music video featuring Ron Jeremy shaking his man chest.... should I continue?

Stoned Age Magazine Photo Shoot: Interviews some of the ladies at the photo shoot for two major magazines. College guys will love it. Also entertaining to hear these models attempt to describe the plot of this movie.

Deleted Scene: Read my thoughts on the movie above, now imagine scenes not good enough to make the cut. Basically female models and cavemen talking about nudity and cavemen. I was expecting there to be at least two deleted scenes.

Viral Video: Includes a hidden video of two people in a theater watching this movie who get up and leave in the middle of it. This was the best comedy found on the DVD.

Gay-vemen Featurette: Even Rocky had a montage... I guess gay cavemen can have them too.

The other extras:

Q&A with Director Adam Rifkin Bloopers and Outtakes Director's Commentary Comic Book

Extras Score: 3/10


I consider myself to be close to the target audience for this film. A younger man who is often entertained by immature or simple physical humor. Having found the movie to be as unentertaining as it was, I certainly am not envious of the more discerning, more educated viewer. The DVD did have a good number of extras, which added to what little value the movie contributed, but if you buy this movie for the extras you will not be pleased. Avoid this movie unless you're punishing yourself and need a new movie to call the worst comedy you've ever seen.

Final Score: 1/10

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