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Box Office Challenge: 'X-Men: First Class' 'Hangover Part II' and 'Kung Fu Panda 2'

Box Office Challenge

What movie will be No. 1 at the box office?

Hitting the screens this weekend ...

X-Men First Class

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It's a slow week at the box office this weekend. Then again, who would wanna go up against a gang of mutants? X-Men: First Class kicks off the Summer blockbuster season in the highly anticipated return to the superhero franchise. Now, some of the writers here at TSR (cough cough, Aaron) have their doubts, but with Matthew Vaughn's previous directorial efforts and Bryan Singer returning as producer, I'm choosing the path of blind faith.

The rest of the weekend is shaping up to be a pretty typical weekend. With no other new releases and no signs of audiences getting sick of The Hangover Part II, it's shaping up to be a paint-by-the-numbers type of weekend at the box office.

Kung Fu Panda 2 doesn't look like it will be much of a threat to either of these two, so Jack Black and the animated all-star cast may finish in third this time around.

Yet another franchise favorite, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will probably be ringing in at fourth this time around, but I'm not expecting staggering numbers.

Finally, in the original entry for the weekend, Bridesmaids will probably round out the top five at the box office.

Each week Calhoun Kersten and Aaron Ruffcorn go head to head in a Box Office Challenge. Who will win? Maybe you. Aaron will be back Monday with the Box Office Review. Tune in to find out who wins.

We’ll take a look at the box office and see if we can’t nail the Number 1 film in the U.S. Whoever is closet, wins. But really, if they aren't within $2 million, it's not very impressive.

It’s harder than you think. If you don’t believe, let’s see what your answers are.

Calhoun Kersten's prediction for the weekend of June 3 - 5 …

1. X-Men First Class ($75 Million)

Aaron Ruffcorn's prediction for the weekend of June 3 - 5 …

1. X-Men First Class ($70 Million)

So what's your guess for the Number 1 movie at the box office this weekend?

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X-Men: First Class

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