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Box Office Review: 'Limitless' breaks into top spot, beats 'Rango'

Box office estimates for the weekend of March 18 - 20 Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. Limitless - $19,000,000 I 2,756 I $19,000,000 I 1 ... [TSR 8/10] 2. Rango - $15,315,000 I 3,843 I $92,577,000 I 3 ... [TSR 9/10] 3. Battle: Los Angeles - $14,600,000 I 3,417 I $60,602,000 I 2 ... [TSR 6/10] 4. The Lincoln Lawyer - $13,400,000 I 2,707 I $13,400,000 I 1 ... [Not Screened] 5. Paul - $13,155,000 I 2,802 I $13,155,000 I 1 ... [TSR 6/10] Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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Limitless lived up to its title this weekend. It took the number one spot in its opening weekend, even if it was a somewhat slow weekend at the box office.

Rango slipped a little this weekend, but with the number of new releases, that's no real surprise. With the number of new releases, it's a testament that Johnny Depp and crew only slipped one spot.

Battle:Los Angeles took a hit this weekend, falling into third place, but considering the less than rave reviews it's been receiving, it seems like Eckhart should just be happy it made the top five.

Newcomers The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul ended up rounding out the list in fourth and fifth place respectively. This doesn't spell great things for either one and truthfully, Paul may not be around on the top five next weekend.

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