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Box Office Challenge: 'Little Fockers' 'True Grit' and 'Gulliver's Travels'

Box Office Challenge

Hitting the screens this weekend ...

Little Fockers True Grit

Christmas Day releases Gulliver's Travels The King's Speech (limited) Rabbit Hole (limited)

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It's time for that slew of movies desperately trying to make a box office buck by cashing in on the holidays. As usual, there are too many movies to mention that will trying to make their mark, but there can be only five... because well, you know, this is the top five.

Little Fockers despite Bayer's cries of protest, will probably be taking the cake this weekend for an embarrassing amount of money. Sadly, people are still willing to pay an embarrassing amount of money to see Stiller re-hash his glory days while we know he could do better (Greenberg).

True Grit will more than likely have its hands full this weekend too. With all the box office buzz and the rave reviews coming in, it looks like the Coen brothers have done it again. Sure, it's not your typical holiday fare, but don't forget that awards season is looming just around the corner.

TRON: Legacy won't have too much to be worried about this weekend. Sure, a drop to third place might upset diehard fans, but with the 3D and movies like Gulliver's Travels not making their way to theaters til Saturday, TRON: legacy definitely has a competitive edge.

Turning away all thoughts of artistic merit and positive reviews, I'm guessing Yogi Bear and Gulliver's Travels will land themselves in fourth and fifth, respectively. Neither have received glowing recommendations so my advice would be to accept a spot on the top five and just leave it at that.

Each week we’ll take a look at the box office and see if we can’t nail the Top 5 films (in correct order). Also guess how many millions the #1 movie will make.

It’s harder than you think. If you don’t believe, let’s see what your answers are.

My prediction for the weekend of December 24-26 …

1. Little Fockers ($56 million)

2. True Grit

3. TRON: Legacy

4. Yogi Bear

5. Gulliver's Travels

So what are your Top 5 at the box office this weekend?

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