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Box Office Review: Sept. 19 – ‘The Town’ beats ‘Easy A’ and ‘Devil’

Box office estimates for the weekend of September 17 – 19. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week # … [The Scorecard Review final score]

1. The Town - $23,800,000 I 2,861 I $23,800,000 I 1 I ... [TSR 8/10]

2. Easy A - $18,200,000 I 2,856 I $18,200,000 I 1 I ... [TSR 6/10] 3. Devil - $12,584,000 I 2,809 I $12,584,000 I 1 I ... [TSR 3/10] 4. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $10,100,000 I 3,209 I $43,991,000 I 2 I ... [TSR 8/10] 5. Alpha and Omega - $9,200,000 I 2,625 I $9,200,000 I 1 I ... [TSR 4/10]

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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Ben Affleck and company went to town this weekend with his latest directorial effort. The Town which stars Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, and Jon Hamm (he will always be Don Draper to me) has received great reviews in its opening weekend (including both Nick Allen and Jeff Bayer). It looks like the R rating on this one didn’t hold it back any.

Easy A landed in second place this weekend. The Emma Stone comedy about high school politics is seen by some as the next Mean Girls, but its opening numbers are far from “fetch.” Still, it’s good teen fun that shouldn’t be written off just yet.

Devil’s numbers aren't quite as laughable as Shyamalan’s name itself. After taking a beating from the public (you can actually hear the laughs when his name shows up on the screen) this movie looks like the only place it’s going is down.

In the same horror field, Resident Evil: Afterlife dropped this weekend. The Milla Jovovich action/horror/sci-fi romp fell on hard times in its second weekend. Still, this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Alice. Even if it doesn’t land on the top five list next weekend, there are already talks of yet another sequel.

Finally, the largely forgettable, or in my case unheard of, Alpha and Omega didn’t fare too well. The kid-friendly flick doesn’t have a lot going for it, so I’m expecting it to be pretty much extinct by next weekend.

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