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Box Office Review - Sept 5 - 'The American' beats 'Machete'

Box office weekend estimates for September 3 – 5. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. The American - $12,968,000 I 2,823 I $16,114,000 I 1 2. Takers - $11,450,000 I 2,206 I $37,900,000 I 2 3. Machete - $11,300,000 I 2,670 I $11,300,000 I 1 4. The Last Exorcism - $7,645,000 I 2,874 I $32,447,000 I 2 5. Going the Distance - $6,885,000 I 3,030 I $6,885,000 I 1

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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I’ll be the first to admit, The American came out of nowhere for me. I mean, sure, George Clooney is a box office draw but I’d only seen a couple TV spots for this one. Still, it managed to take the number one spot this weekend.

Then again, I was also pretty surprised that people actually wanted to see Takers, which only dropped to second place in its opening weekend. Still, as long as it’s not my money being spent on a Paul Walker movie, people are entitled to do their own thing.

The schlock-fest Machete, despite its solid cast, didn’t wow audiences anywhere it seems. The campy revenge flick landed in third place in its opening weekend.

If things keep up like this, this may also be the last week on the top five for The Last Exorcism. It’s a shame really, it was a fun flick with just the right atmosphere, but despite its previous weekend, it fell hard in its second weekend.

Finally, the Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the two biggest names, but not even close to the biggest draw for me) flick Going the Distance might not have what it takes to make it work. Landing in number five in its opening weekend doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. This, despite that it was Jeff Bayer's pick of the week, and his favorite romantic comedy since (500) Days of Summer.

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