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Box Office Preview - May 28 - 'Sex in the City' vs. 'Prince of Persia'

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Only two new release this week, but be ready for the onslaught come next weekend. This week offers a little of something for both, with Sex and the City 2 for the ladies and Prince of Persia for the fans of the video game.

I’m going to have to go ahead and call this one. I’m betting this weekend goes to the ladies who lunch. Sex and the City 2 has been highly anticipated. Not bad reviews or even a worldwide shortage of vodka and triple sec could stop this one from going to number one, which is sure to make things tough for newcomer, Prince of Persia.

Still, I doubt it’ll be hurting too badly. Despite a lousy ad campaign, this flick has two things on its side. First, it’s got a loyal fan base to tap into, with the video game community (I’m lookin’ at you McLaughlin). Secondly, it’s got some positive reviews on its side, at least more than Sex and the City 2 but that’s not too hard to do.

For the rest of the flicks, it seems like business as usual. I’m predicting a third place finish for Shrek Forever After mainly because of its hold on the valuable 3-D market this weekend. Still, its underperformance in its opening weekend doesn’t suggest much hope so third place may actually be a little too optimistic, but I’ll stick with my gut.

Fourth is an honor that I think will belong to Iron Man 2. The superhero sequel hasn’t exactly wowed audiences, but it’s put up a good fight. Still, releasing it when they did, it’s hardly surprising that it’s already fallen so far. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles in the "summer."

Finally, Robin Hood may very well round out the top five this weekend. After its third place intake last weekend of over twice as much as the fourth place movie, Letters to Juliet, it’d take a major upset to rob Russell Crowe of this movie’s spot on the list.

Each week we’ll take a look at the box office and see if we can’t nail the Top 5 films (in correct order).

It’s harder than you think. If you don’t believe, let’s see what your answers are.

My prediction for the weekend of May 7 – May 9 …

1. Sex and the City 2

2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

3. Shrek Forever After

4. Iron Man 2

5. Robin Hood

So what are your Top 5 at the box office this weekend?

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