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TSRn: 'Real Steel' director Shawn Levy attached to new 'Frankenstein' film

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News: Reel Steel and Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy has been tapped by Fox studios to direct a new version of Frankenstein, which will be competing with other upcoming versions including one with Guillermo del Toro attached. Levy's version will lean more towards the science fiction genre, and focus on themes of "friendship and redemption."

Source: Variety

Thoughts by TSR: This news really just makes me wonder, "When do we get the Creature from the Black Lagoon remake?" And by that I mean, this horror re-tread is getting a tad ridiculous. Wolfman bombed once it was unleashed into the world after a long day (and yes, it did win a "Best Make-Up" Oscar, I know). But what do we care about Frankenstein? What does our horror appetite have to do with a non-sexy tall monster created by a crazy guy? Unless we get the title character to be played by some slab of butcher meat like Taylor Lautner, I don't see how Hollywood's Frankenstein fetish is going to materialize to much.

Oh, and Shawn Levy is directing it. I guess that means we should just expect it to be pretty restrained and geared for prime popcorn salesmanship. Taylor Lautner, leave your phone on.

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