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TSRn: George Lucas tinkers with 'Star Wars' Blu-rays -- Nooooo!

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News: George Lucas has once again made some notable changes to his Star Wars films for the upcoming Blu-ray release. The complete saga is hitting shelves on September 16.

Source: Lucasfilm via Moviefone

Thoughts by TSR: “Noooo!”

No, that isn't my reaction to this news. Rather, it’s the latest unfortunate change George Lucas has made to his Star Wars films. The “Noooo!” in question will now be found in the third film of the original trilogy, Return of the Jedi. Remember that excellent moment when a silent Darth Vader saves Luke from the Emperor? Well, now future generations may never know the beauty of that moment, because Lucas has added Vader exclaiming “Noooo!” as he tosses the Emperor down the shaft.

The terrible “Noooooo!” Vader exclaims in Revenge of the Sith after learning of Padme’s fate was one of the most disliked moments in that film. Adding something similar to the original trilogy is disappointing, albeit unsurprising given his love of making these types of connections. Like poetry!

Along with the “Noooo!” another notable change is to Star Wars, the film that kicked off the entire franchise. This change occurs when we first meet Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke, in need of rescue, has encountered some Tusken Raiders and old Ben Kenobi saves the day by making the call of the Krayt Dragon. The sound he makes in the updated Blu-ray is significantly different – and more ridiculous – than it was originally. You can check out both the “Noooo!” and the updated Kenobi call here.

This sort of thing isn’t anything new. Lucas has been fiddling with these films for a long time, so I find it best to shrug and go about my day. The original Star Wars is the one film in the series I’m especially fond of (I like Empire Strikes Back as well), but other than that I have no real affection for the series. Ideally the original versions of the films would be the versions, but I’m not up in arms that they’ve been significantly altered. I completely sympathize with the fans who hate the incessant changes that have been made, but when it comes down to it they are his films and if he wants to constantly tinker with them that’s his prerogative.

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