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TSRn: Ryan Gosling to be Johnny Depp's sidekick in 'Lone Ranger'?

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News: Ryan Gosling is in talks to star as The Lone Ranger in Gore Verbinski's adapation. Johnny Depp is already expected to star as Tonto. Source: TheWrap

Thoughts by TSR: You may notice the title and think to yourself, "Wait a minute, isn't Tonto the sidekick here?" Just like in Pirates of the Caribbean, can you really expect anyone to outshine Depp? Gosling would be a surprising choice, mainly because the man does not scream blockbuster. In fact, he pretty much avoids them. As of now, Gosling has one movie that has made more than $100 million at the box office. Can you name it? I'll give you a second. Go on, think away ... it was Remember the Titans. The funny thing here is, it may not happen because of another role Gosling is signed on for -- Logan's Run. Yup, another remake, and a potential blockbuster. All of this pales in comparison to Verbinkski's secret goal of beating Tim Burton in the award for "how many times can I work with Depp?"

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