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DVD2BLU.com: Change any DVD into a Blu-ray

Normally we aren't the type here at TSR to try to sell you on anything, but this is a great deal. You're stuck with DVDs, you'd rather have a Blu-ray. DVD2BLU.com is here to make you happy. Any, yes ANY DVD can turn into any Warner Bros. Blu-ray. Here's the deal ...

What’s NEW? For the first time with DVD2BLU.com consumers can send in ANY DVD they own (produced by any studio/sold at retail, online) even those old dusty ones under their beds or in the garage and get a new Warner Bros. Blu-ray title in return for as low as $4.95.

Over 100 Blu-ray titles (movies & TV) are available including Gran Torino, V For Vendetta, "Smallville," "Chuck," and several other favorites.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit DVD2BLU.com, view the selection of over 100 Blu-ray titles and pick the ones you want to add to your collection. 2. Dust off those unwanted DVDs you already own and send us one (Disc Only) for every Blu-ray you wish to own. Please note only professionally produced DVDs (anything from a major/independent studio sold at retail), non Adult content will qualify. 3. Go to check out for all of the final details and in a few weeks get your new Blu-ray(s).

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