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'Valentine's Day' 2: New Year's Eve?

Before the film has even come out, (this Friday), a "sort-of-sequel" to the star-filled Valentine's Day is already said to be in the works. Valentine's Day stars Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Jamie Foxx, Kathy Bates, George Lopez, and a bunch of other actors and actresses, as directed by Garry Marshall.

A draft for the "sequel" New Year's Eve has been written by Katherine Fugate and handed over to producers Toby Emmerich and Richard Brener, who are said to be looking over the script soon. The top heads at Warner Brothers will also be reviewing the draft in the near future.

According to Deadline Hollywood, New Line execs Michael Disco and Sam Brown began brainstorming on set with writer Fugate and on other producers on how to make the formula work again. Should this project get the greenlight, it will center not on V-Day again, but on another holiday that can be considered equally dreadful or romantic: New Year's Eve.

Valentine's Day director Garry Marshall would step back into the director's chair, and a few people from the upcoming film would reprise their roles to offer some connection between the two movies. The setting will be in New York, and it would take place between December 31st and a few hours after the ball drop on the first day of January.

As for how can a film pack so many actors and actresses into the same film? "Most worked for discounted quotes and some back-end because they were able to film their parts quickly and then leave for other projects. All that talent makes for an impressive trailer (the one-sheet is so crowded that only thumbnails of the stars in the shape of a heart was possible), giving the illusion that the stars are in the pic from start to finish."

If Valentine's Day has the same box-office effect of last weekend's Dear John, (which dethroned Avatar, finally) this project should be guaranteed. No word on whether it would be released more towards its title holiday, or if it would aim to maintain the timely release of around V-Day.

OK, let's say that Valentine's Day is a good film (I am going to find out shortly), and a whole constellation of stars make themselves available for this "sequel." Who would you like to see in a romantic ensemble cast, and who from the first film would you like to see again?

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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