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Adam Sandler to star in Jack and Jill and play both characters

Adam Sandler is going to fetch a pail of water ... and a boatload of cash. The actor will next star in the romantic comedy Jack and Jill according to Variety.

Sandler will play Jack as well as twin sister Jill. Yes, you read that correctly. Not sure how this will fall into the "romantic" category.

Doesn't this seem like something his character in Funny People would make fun of? I could almost be convinced this was one of the fake trailers just like Merman.

Steve Koren, whose relationship with Sandler dates back to their "Saturday Night Live" days, penned the screenplay.

Expect Jack and Jill to hit screens in early 2011.

Sandler will next be seen in the high school reunion comedy Grown Ups with Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and Kevin James.

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