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The Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Meets Book

newmoonEntertainment Weekly got the first look to The Twilight Saga: New Moon book cover, based on the movie. This gives a definite indication on where the story is heading. First, let me tell you ... I read the first book (good) and saw the film (average) and then didn't read the second book. If the second film is good, I will plan on reading the third book. Sara Gundell one of the authors of TwilightNovelNovice says the third book is the best and that's good enough for me to get back on board.

So, the movie posters had me thinking Jacob was going to insert himself into a definitive friend role, but there was no chance that Bella would dare stray from Edward. Um, looks like that's wrong.

Taylor Lautner fans should be overjoyed. And now Edward has been reduced to a moon. No matter what the attempts of the actual story are, there's no way Lautner comes close to the fan obsession that Robert Pattinson has, right?

I mean, even in my recent interview with Megan Fox, she said that's who she would be for 24 hours.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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