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Robert Rodriguez to bring "The Jetsons" to big screen

Not only is director Robert Rodriguez working on Sin City 2, a reboot of Predator, and even Grindhouse's Machete, but apparently he's crafting a live-action adaptation of the Hanna Barbera cartoon, "The Jetsons." MTV News is reporting exclusively that the director is hoping to launch the project as soon as next year. Contrary to rumors, the project is not on the director's back burner, but instead a movie that is soon to be.

"I've been developing [The Jetsons] for a while," Rodriguez said. He added that he is hoping to start shooting next year. "We're writing the script right now."

As for any other details on the film, Rodriguez has not divulged. Fanboys screenwriter Adam F. Goldberg wrote an early draft, which has apparently been revised.

With both his violent work (Planet Terror, Once Upon A Time In Mexico) and his "family" films, Rodriguez has proven to have quite an imagination, not just in visual aspect but also with storytelling. A look at the trailer for his new film Shorts backs up this statement.

I believe that Rodriguez could do a great job with "The Jetsons," especially if he has a good cast. But part of me wishes this is done like the Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer - a live action adaptation of a cartoon that never loses its animated roots.

Who do you imagine playing the characters of Rosie, George, Elroy, Judy, and Jane? Heck, how is he even going to do Astro?

Just like the life of "The Jetsons," it's all up in the air.

Source: MTV News

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