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Steven Spielberg to produce Martin Luther King Jr. biopic

Steven Spielberg, Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones will produce the first biography film authorized by King's estate, reports Vairety. DreamWorks recently acquired the rights to bring the story to the big screen. King copyrighted his speeches, books and other works prior to his assassination in 1968. With permission of the estate, DreamWorks will be able to use those speeches and other works to help tell the story of King's life.

"We are all honored that the King Estate is giving us the opportunity to tell the story of these defining historic events," Spielberg said. "It is our hope that the creative power of film and the impact of Dr. King's life can combine to present a story of undeniable power that we can all be proud of."

There is no indication of who will play the role of Dr. King or who will direct, but they don't need a big name to make this film powerful, the story has that covered.

Source: Vairety

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