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High School Musical's Hudgens to get Beastly

High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens is set to star in a modern adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" called Beastly. The film is set to be directed by Daniel Barnz using a script he adapted from a book by Alex Flinn. A modern twist, the New York City-based story is about a 17-year-old mean girl who is changed into something awful in order to find true love.

Beastly will be one of the first projects from CBS Films, and will be produced by Susan Cartsonis through her company Storefront Films.

This fluffy role sounds harmless, especially for someone as bubble gum as Hudgens. Ain't no shame in making another movie that tries to get kids to stop being brats. Beastly may not be a monster hit, but it'll probably surpass Disney-channel-movie-like expectations. All it needs is some "zippy" casting. What's Carrot Top up to these days?

Source: Variety

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