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Terminator Salvation to be rated PG-13?

Usually, ratings for films are revealed through trailers or posters. However, the way that the rating for Terminator Salvation has been revealed could probably actually cause the apocalypse. Thanks to Pizza Hut, the world now knows that the fourth Terminator movie will be rated PG-13. Don't believe me? Love to mix your pizza with death and destruction?

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In the bottom left corner of the page, make note of that tiny rating box. PG-13.

This comes as somewhat unsettling considering the general story of the film (a war between robots and humans that will likely involve tons of explosive greatness). Also, at Comic-Con last year, director McG was heard saying that he was under no pressure for a PG-13 rating. However, it appears that a long-battled for scene of nudity involving Moon Bloodgood may have lost the fight for the film and its director.

This feels like Live Free or Die Hard all over again. That series never really accommodated a younger audience, and was probably never meant to. But the potential for higher profits by cutting out a few things is just too appealing for movie studios these days. Hopefully Terminator Salvation will not suffer from post-production fluffing, like with what happened with Live Free or Die Hard's obvious PG-13 edits. At the least, if we need to hear f-bombs, we can always resort to that cathartic Christian Bale rant from a few months ago.

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