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Barrymore or Bayona to direct Twilight sequel Eclipse?

The list of potential directors for the third Twilight film, Eclipse, continues to grow. Earlier, we were thinking actress Drew Barrymore might get the job. Now, a new name has been added to the list.

The new candidate is Juan Antonio Bayona - the man who directed the heavily praised Spanish horror film The Orphanage. He is considered by many movie websites as the "protege of Guillermo Del Toro." Bayona's projects have always been supported by the Pan's Labyrinth director.

Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that Bayona is actually a finalist in the race to direct Eclipse, but the studio that owns the franchise, Summit, refuses to comment. A representative only said that the studio is looking at a number of candidates. Previously mentioned candidates range from Walk the Line director James Mangold to About A Boy and American Pie director Paul Weitz.

So, Twilight fans, what do you think? Would you like the third film in your franchise to be in the hands of someone who has previously shown his power in horror like Bayona, or someone who has a knack for teen comedies like Weitz?

THIS JUST IN ... Variety reports it's a done deal. Bayona will direct the third film in the Twilight franchise.

Source:  Variety

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